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OpenWRT Project Updates

Fog-Computing Optimizer Router (OpenWRT). Various Project tasks for a Customer developing a Fog-Computing solution to assist IOT end-points. Back-end code for management of Cellular Modems, Wiring up of LuCI UI changes to System configuration state, Continuous tracking of System Network state and reflecting onto UI managent elements, Pro-active Connection state tracking.

OpenWRT Accelerated Router. IPv4 Forwarding with full VLAN and LAG Link-Aggregation groups by offloading to additional cores in Multi-core CPUs. Data-Plane implemented on additional cores of Cavium OCTEON-III. Router solution supports NAT, Firewall, VLAN, LAG etc. Router's Data-Plane is fully in-synch with Routing Configuration and Topology by inter-core messaging b/w Control-Plane & Data-Plane.

OpenWRT based Wifi 802.11ac mobility project utilizing Multiple APs. Interrupt based wireline trigger to synchronize TSF timer for multiple APs down to microsecond granularity. Created mac80211 driver mods, to Enable and Set Management IEs like specific TIM bitmask, Get & Set Transient Keys, Survey, Scan and get per Station RSSI values. Code reporting of PS Sleep Entry and Exit notifications for all connected stations. Alternate packet sequence scheduling by skipping BlockAck request and response mechanisms.

OpenWRT project for a complete LuCI-2 Web UI revamp. Project implemented on TP-Link routers. Customer required an automated SQM policy manager with dynamic QoS reconfiguration based on current line conditions. CPU was Qualcom-Atheros AR9344. Multiple enhancements to System Network connectivity and a micro-detailed DHCP client were developed. New Lua index controller for node tree for the new Web layout.

OpenWRT port and bring-up on a CN7020 (dual-core OCTEON-III) based Access Point, and a CN7130 (quad-core OCTEON-III) system. Package conflicts, MIPS port issues, Build issues were addressed. A scripted build system to select packages and image configuration options was developed. Each of key package in customer's requirements list was verified. Project was initially rolled out on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-Lite-3 (CN5020 dual core).

OpenWRT wifi changes. Customer required particular changes in device drivers: mac80211. Enabling internal Station client flow handling based on User-Space accessible ioctl calls. Established a periodic ubus message pipe from hostapd to Customer developed Module.

Port Wifi-Direct (Wifi-P2P) changes to OpenWRT support mac80211 driver, hostap and supplicants applications. This allows customer's IOT node device running OpenWRT to communicate with an Android phone, and use it as a Router to the Internet cloud.

Modify Wireless code (mac80211 driver, hostapd etc.) and extend into UserSpace APIs to reject Response on a per station basis. Additionally modify mac80211 normal transmission slot allocation to extend a particular Associated endpoint's traffic transmission window. Created convenient ubus extensions to allow for easy ubus based management.

Architected and Implemented SW changes for XSette Inc.'s smart Security System for Gaming Industry. Created new Negotiable Security Handshakes b/w Wifi station (client) and AP, Added new Linux Userspace Supplicant support code via Kernel linkage, Wrote and Verified new Crypto algorithm support, Measure Analyzed and Improved Performance of the Algorithm.


IOT, Embedded, Peripherals

Completed AWS IOT SDK port to OpenWRT. Utilized it for Generic Captive Portal solution at Food Establishments.

Obtained and Reported Desired, Meta, Delta Parameter set to AWS IOT Things Shadow.

Interfaced with Amazon S3 storage for per-Device Firmware, Configurations etc.

Completed System Manager for creating complex business logic for Self-Reporting, Self-Provisioning, Dynamic Configuration Updates, Centralized Control, Statistics Reporting etc.

VoIP, Voice, FreePBX, Asterisk, FreeTDM etc.

Completed Port of FreeTDM and WanPipe system

Integrated the FreeTDM with Sangoma Drivers, and Sangoma Libraries

Additionally ported and linked with PRI libs

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