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Paxym Inc. provides embedded software services and solutions with a specialization in high-performance network stacks and security software for multi-core processors.

Paxym's industry-leading expertise has enabled us to provide  end-to-end solutions across the board, from programmability frameworks to custom tools, operating systems, and embedded application software. Paxym's expert team provides cost-effective systems software solutions to chip manufacturers, Systems on Chip (SoC) companies, network equipment manufacturers, and ODMs.

Paxym has  been working with customers, since 2000, providing software services as well as turn-key solutions. Our customers include companies of all sizes, ranging from startups and mid-sized companies to major ODMs and Tier 1 equipment makers.

Paxym is a privately-held corporation headquartered in Murphy, Texas. We serve customers in all US States, Canada, Europe and South East Asia. A number of our consulting engagements are on the West-Coast, NY/NJ, New-England, TX etc.

Paxym's customers include a variety of Commercial Enterprises and Research organizations. Including small startups to large established Vendors.

Paxym's consulting team also works in partnership with other Consulting companies as a sub-contractor, when a joint effort is requested for unusually large projects. Paxym's consulting partners include well-known System Integrators and Professional Services Companeis in the USA and Europe


Our Customers

Paxym's Customers include a mix of large Enterprises and small Startup as well as research organizations.

We deliver specific software component for their overall product, and many times we provide them with the complete systems software for their new Target Appliance / Device.

Our expertise in Embedded Software has allowed us to work with Customers starting from their requirements to proposing detailed architecture, refining the proposal, agreeing on deliverables based on Customer's time and cost constraints leading to the actual implementation, delivery and verification of the deliverables. All of these steps are undertaken with a focus on Performance, Reliability, Serviceability and Remote / Easy Management

Target Markets include Wireless Access Points, SOHO Firewall Routers, NFS/SAMBA/CIFS Servers, Internet Web Crawler, Web/Email/Spam/IM Security, Anti-Virus, IDS/IPS, UTM etc.

  • Board bring-up.
  • Bootloader.
  • Kernel. (OpenWRT / Linux / FreeBSD / FreeRTOS / QNX)
  • Diagnostics, syslog.
  • Network Protocols.
  • Appliance Management. (Web http, SNMP, CLI, Centralized Provisioning & Management)
  • Drivers. (Ethernet, Wifi, WiMax, USB, SATA)
  • Customer Proprietary features.
  • Software Upgrade Service. (http, Remote Upgrade)
  • Performance Tuning.
  • Packages for business logic

Technologies & Skills

    Network Processors: OCTEON, Thunder-TX, Thunder-X2, Broadcom XLP, Tilera
    General Processors: Intel x86, RISC-V, AMD x86
    Linux distros: Debian, CentOS, OpenWRT, dd-WRT, Tomato
    QNX, OpenRTOS, FreeRTOS, MQX, etc.
    Qualcomm Atheros QCA series, Broadcom SoCs, i.MX6, +Raspberry Pi, SiFive, etc.
    DPDK, VPP, NetMap, Simple-Exec, ODP, etc.
    Python, Lua, Shell script, Tcl/TK, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, etc.
    Angular (2/4/..), AngularJS, Vue.js, React, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net, etc.

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Paxym, Inc. is a Software Development and Testing Services Company. Providing Consulting Services to its Customers in the areas of Cloud Software, Web Front and Back-End Applications, Network and Security Stacks, Linux, xBSD Kernel development and Performance Tuning. Along with Solutions to a variety of computing problems using combination of SW and Hardware, by its Consultants.