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Paxym Software Services for Multicore CPU CPUs
Paxym Multicore Network Protocol stack for Cavium OCTEON XLR XLP Intel x86 Mips64 DPDK

Paxym Inc.'s iSCSI Target software is a complete iSCSI Target offload implementation for Linux based iSCSI Target servers. The HW/SW combined solution provides superior iSCSI target throughput, by offloading majority of Network packet processing, iSCSI stack processing and many other compute intensive task to the Intelligent Network Adapter. Available for 10Gbps and 40Gbps configurations, the iSCSI Target solution allows for passthrough of network traffic while accelerating iSCSI traffic transparently.

Paxym's iSCSI Target software CPU requirements are flexible enough to perform additional network processing depending on customer's choice. e.g. Open-VSwitch offload for SDN environments, RAID offload, IPSec Security offload, FCoE etc.

Paxym's iSCSI Target software is available for Cavium Network Inc.'s OCTEON and OCTEON-Plus families (CN38xx, CN56xx etc.). A port to OCTEON-II Liquid-IO (CN66xx) is undergoing qualification tests.

Features :

Transparent NIC and Full iSCSI offload in single PCIe slave card with 10GE and 1GE SFP+ ports.
Supports iSCSI resource / target discovery methods
Supports iSCSI authentication modes
Supports MS Windows initiator clients as well as Linux initiators.
Real-time Message Logging and Extensive Error Reporting via host syslog.
Rigorous testing and verification using automated test library.
Verified with Microsoft Windows Hardware Ceritification Kit.
PCIe slave card may be used in any standard OEM vendor's server e.g. HP, Dell, etc.

iSCSI Standards:

RFC 3720 iSCSI, RFC 4171 iSNS, RFC 4545 IP Storage User Identity

Paxym iSCSI Target Offload Accelerator Software Cluster for Cavium XLP Intel x86 Mips64 DPDK

Requires either of:

Paxym's Network Protocol Stack or
Cavium Network's TCP/IP Toolkit v1.33 CN3000-APP-TCP

Please contact at  sales @ for further information.

Custom Services:

Additional Kernel, Application, File-System Software development services are also available.


Maintenance and Support contracts of 6 mo, 1 year are available.
Integration services are available.


non-GPL; Paxym developed source code.
No Royalty, Unlimited binary distribution for customer's specific business unit.

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