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Vyatta / VyOS / Free-Range -- Router / Firewall

Vyatta-core / VyOS / Free Range-Routing are software based Routers / Firewall with roots in GNU-Zebra, XORP & Quagga.

All these are / were open source, mature, fast and robust network router implementations including protocol daemons for BGP, IS-IS, LDP, OSPF, PIM, and RIP, etc.

The VyOS project was forked off when Vyatta ceased continuous open-source development and was acquired by Brocade. All these projects integrated with Linux / xBSD IPv4 and IPv6 networking stacks and provide extensive support of NAT, ACL, Netfilter based Firewall features.

Paxym's team is proud to have completed the first ever port of VyOS / FR-Routing to OCTEON MIPS based Network Processor.

In addition to complete port for customer, Paxym' team also developed an off-load Accelerator utilizing additional data-plane cores on the Network Processor. The off-load Accelerator allowed our Services Customer to reach multi-gigabit speeds using a low core count on the OCTEON-III MIPS64 Network Processor. The Offload Accelerator also works on Intel x86 CPUs using DPDK framework.

Some details of the port project:

VyOS Helium (v1.1.7 Feb-2016) distribution
Featured port of VyOS / FR-Routing to OCTEON-III CN7130, CN7240 MIPS64 @1.6Ghz, 2G RAM, 4/8 cores.

Additional Accelerator features added:

Off-load Network Stack Accelerator

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