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FreeBSD port to OCTEON Network Processor

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Paxym Inc. completed and delivered the first SMP FreeBSD port on OCTEON, XLP Multicore MIPS64 CPUs
for its Customer. Paxym's FreeBSD ports were successfully used by Tier-1 and smaller customers alike. Paxym continues to support and strengthen the FreeBSD for Multicore MIPS64 CPUs.

FreeBSD is an advanced operating system well-suited for Servers and Embedded Appliances. Paxym's customers are using OCTEON FreeBSD for Storage Servers, UTM devices and other Network Equipment.

Features :

FreeBSD version 6.1, 7.0 and 8.0 Ports are available with full support services. Build environments hosted on FreeBSD x86 and Linux x86 host. Toolchains from FreeBSD and from GCC toolchain from Semiconductor vendor are utilized for these builds.

Supports custom RFS—either full Userland or selected packages—reducing build times and target image size.

Please contact at  sales @ for further information.

Custom Services:

Custom Kernel/Application Software development services are also available.


Maintenance and Support contracts are available.


Original FreeBSD comes with BSD License - BSD License.

Paxym, Inc. is a Software Development and Testing Services Company. Providing Consulting Services to its Customers in the areas of Cloud Software, Web Front and Back-End Applications, Network and Security Stacks, Linux, xBSD Kernel development and Performance Tuning. Along with Solutions to a variety of computing problems using combination of SW and Hardware, by its Consultants.