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The Paxym Packet Capture and Analytics Data-Path Software allows quick development and prototyping of Products requiring detailed tracking of packet / traffic traversal through Networks. This includes Network Security, Network Monitoring, Network Performance Analysis, Application Performance Management performing at speeds of 40Gigabits, 10Gigabits and lower speeds.

The Packet Capture / Analytics Framework allows capturing, parsing, summarizing, fingerprint generation, mini analytics and dispatch of Analytics data along with payload data to a centralized Management Server. All of this happens at Line-rate of the ingress Network Interfaces, be they 10 Gigabits or 40 Gigabits or lower speeds depending on the platform.

The Packet Capture / Analytics Framework is well portable to multiple CPU platforms. Currently it has been tested and qualified on OCTEON III®™ based systems, as both PCIe slave cards as well as single-board based systems. These systems spread around in the Network provide Packet-Capture Probe services and report their Analytics and Payload data to centralized server(s).

Packet Capture / Analytics Applications:

The Packet Capture / Analytics Data-Path Software is a key requirement of various applications including:

  • Network Traffic Management

  • Application Performance Management

  • Network Security

  • Flexible Network Traffic Splitting / Scale-Down 10GbE -> 10 x 1GbE

  • Flow MetaData / Payload Monitor

  • Transparent Lawful Intercept etc.


  • Scalable from 1 Gigabit speeds to 40Gbps, and higher,

  • Unique finger printing using choice of Hash algorithms (Fletcher, SHA-xx, CRC Checksum, CityHash-xx, custom),

  • Increased efficiencies via HW offload and Assembler optimization of Hash,
  • Flexible size of analytics and header tuples payload,

  • SDN aware, supprts VxLAN, NVGRE, STT, Geneve, etc.

  • Capture of selective Traffic,

  • DeMultiplex / Split incoming high traffic rate (10Gb) onto multiple slower speed links (1Gb) to support Legacy Security Devices

  • Flow selection based on Flow-Parameters or ACL style filters

Packet Capture Hardware:

The Packet Capture / Analytics solution is available packaged with OCTEON®™based PCIe cards. These offload cards are based on OCTEON-II (CN63xx, CN66xx, CN68xx) and OCTEON-III (CN70xx, CN71xx, CN78xx) series CPUs for various performance targets.

The Packet Capture / Analytics system makes efficient use of the offload units in the OCTEON Multicore CPUs.

Packet Capture / Analytics Software:

The Packet Capture / Analytics solution software toolkit includes:

  • OCTEON Linux Kernel,
  • Linux libraries,
  • Root-FileSystem,
  • Simple-Exec Data-Path application,
  • Choice of Time Protocols: NTP, PTPv2,
  • Optional interfacing to external DPLL {VCXO/TCXO} synched from GPS / Stratum-x Time-source,
  • Linux Host Device Driver,
  • Linux Host Receiver / Processing Application,
  • Detailed README, API definitions, Build Instructions, etc.

Support & Maintenance

Paxym provides close support for successful integration of the Packet Capture / Analytics Toolkit into Customer's Product Software. Additional ongoing Support & Maintenance options are available.

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