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Paxym Inc. has completed a Regular Expressions implementation, packaged as a convenient library. This library is purpose built for Multicore Processors where the RegEx Acceleration library is able to utilize spare CPU cores for offload. When available the RegEx library also makes efficient use of DFA thread Engines on OCTEON Multicore CPUs.

This library was designed and developed for high speed network content processing. Its key components were immediately used for implementing Intrusion Protection System, URL Filtering and Deep Packet Inspection Projects targetted for PCIe slave cards and ATCA blades.
The library provides RegEx matching offload to clients from Control-Plane (Linux) or other Data-Plane cores (running Simple-Exec or MCEE) on MIPS-64 Multicore Processors.

Optional PCRE support is available to further support the modern use of PCRE in IPS and DPI signatures.


Live switch-over to new Expressions set.
Initialization tools supported for x86 Linux Host and on Target MIPS64 Linux.
Library services available from Data-Plane client or Control-Plane caller.
Rigorously tested with OCTEON and XLR processors.
Optional PCRE support for modern and more sophisticated expressions.

Customization / Additional Integration:

Maintenance and Support subscriptions for the RegEx library.
Modifications to list of Metachars, Constructs and Greediness to improve performances for Customer's application.
Linkage with other Languages
Support for additional Operating Systems

Advanced Regex / PCRE Acceleration using HFA:

Paxym's team has now developed an Accelerator library for HFA based Regex and PCRE scanning via HFA offload units. This new library supercedes the Multicore Regular Expression Library mentioned here.


The library binaries are licensed under Paxym Commercial License.

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