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Multi-core CPUs SW -- Project Updates

Paxym Inc. Team is working on creating a DPDK PMD for 16-core OCTEON-III CN7360 PCIe NIC card. The PMD allows the OCTEON Card to be utilized as a Network Interface in DPDK User-Space applications. Same SW will extend support to OCTEON-III CN7240 and CN7350 based PCIe NIC cards as well.

Apr'15: OCTEON-III OpenWRT (CC) Port for WISP Wifi-Security Platform
Paxym Inc. Team is engaged in porting OpenWRT Chaos-Calmer to OCTEON-III based IPS appliance with 2 x Wifi and 4 x 1GE ports, along with a long list of Packages and Ports for Security Reporting, Analysis (SIEM).

Nov'15: Intel AES-NI (CBC/others + HMAC-SHA1) support in FreeBSD
Added AES-NI negotiation and processing routines to allow for AES-NI offload of AES + SHA1 crypto support. This was implemented for FreeBSD 10.2, 11.0 on Intel CPUs with AES-NI support. Tested with direct IPSec, and L2TP-over-IPSec from Windows clients (StrongSWAN, mpd5 etc.). Allows AES-NI offload performance gains to be realized on Intel based FreeBSD machines (including pfsense). See here:

Mar'15: CTEON-III PCRE Content Scanning Engine via HFA offload
Paxym Inc. Team completed work on x86 Kernel Driver and Host UserSpace Apps to provide convenient Access and Management of HFA Accelerator on OCTEON-II (LiquidIO) and OCTEON-III based PCIe NIC cards. Asynchronous Request/Response Engine along with detailed tracking of Per Core API transactions for PCRE content scan requests. Implementation also provided statistics, initial graph loading and Live reloading along with Rule Demultiplexing based on HFA results.

Feb'15: OCTEON-III OpenWRT (BB) Port
Paxym Inc. Team is engaged in porting OpenWRT Barrier-Breaker to OCTEON-III based IPS appliance with 3 x 1GE ports.

Dec'14: OCTEON-II Liquid-IO Packet Capture Performance Tuning to LineRate
Paxym Inc. Team completed performance tuning of a Packet Capture system that it now performs Capture, Hash, Summarization & Server reporting for 4 x 1GE ports at Line-Rate on OCTEON-II LiquidIO PCIe Slave NICs. The implementation is capable of handling multiple 10GE ports on LiquidIO as well.

Sep'14: OCTEON-II LiquidIO Packet Hardware Precision TimeStamp PTP IEEE-1588-2008 for Application Performance Analysis & Telecom Equipment
Paxym Inc. Team completed a Precision Time Protocol implementation for OCTEON-II architecture. OCTEON-II supports IEEE-1588-2008 compliant hadware packet time-stamping, which can be used for Application Performance Analysis, Telecommunications Equipment Calibration, Traffic Monitoring and Engineering etc. for 10Gb interface line-rates. The project fully utilizes OCTEON-II CN6645 LiquidIO NIC features for HW Packet TimeStamping, Drift Adjustment using Auto-Compensation CSRs, Outbound TimeStamping, Handshake and synching with a GrandMaster clock server, etc. as well. Besides supporting FPGA based PTP Servo Systems with VCXO and TCXO, project also supports NTP based time learning and propagation as a backup.

Aug'14: OCTEON (LiquidIO) Proxy MPTCP Multi-core accelerated solution
Paxym Inc. Team completed a Proxy Multi-Path TCP (MPTCP) solution for customer in which MPTCP tunnels were used for Packet based link-bonding b/w CPE and Cloud based Tunnel Termination Gateway. The Multi-path solution was NAT aware and helped Customer's end-Customers to achieve proportional bandwidth gains as additional links were added via various ISPs. The project also had a UDP Tunnels based version with added Flow-Control, implented as a Kernel module based non-Socket I/O, to allow for extremely high throughputs accelerated by Simple-Exec microcode on OCTEON Data-Plane cores. Multi-Path TCP is an evolving IETF work currently in Experimental Draft state. The UDP version was developed to evaluate the Tunnel-Congestion-Collapse phenomena

Jul'14: OCTEON-II 10GE and GigE Mac Interfacing to Vitesse MultiChannel Phy VSC8490, VSC8489
Paxym Inc. provided consultancy to Vendor manufacturing OCTEON-II based NIC cards with multiple 10Gig and GigE SFP+ ports. Vitesse VSC8490 and VSC8489 Dual-Channel 10GE SerDes Phy SW API was thoroughly analyzed and alternative solutions were developed, with a view to Optimize, Structure, Verify, Audit, Automate the correct configuration parameters based on desired line parameters. Further SW interfacing of PTP daemon to VSC8490 was structured.

Jun'14: Native DPDK on OCTEON-II CN6645
Following up on the Native-DPDK on Tilera work, Paxym Inc. team is completing a native port of Intel® DPDK to the OCTEON-II architecture CN6645, based PCIe slave board with 2x 10Gbps ports.

The native port allows DPDK libraries, Run-time and SW environment to be directly available on the OCTEON-II CPU natively. All Network applications, Examples, Tests etc. enjoy the benefit of accelerated throughput, seamless (almost zero code-change) migration and reduced costs for Host CPU.

Customers use the Native DPDK port for accelerating their NFV code-base and other custom packet processing software.

May'14: Native DPDK on Tilera Gx36 (36 Tiles)
Paxym Inc. team completed a native port of Intel® DPDK to the Tilera TILEncore-Gx36 Intelligent Application Adapter platform consisting of TILE-Gx36 CPU.

The native port allows DPDK libraries, Run-time and SW environment to be directly available on the Tilera (non-x86) CPU directly. All Network applications, Examples, Tests etc. enjoy the benefit of accelerated throughput, seamless (zero code-change) migration and reduced costs for Host CPU.

Currently customers are using it for porting their NFV code-base and custom packet processing (LTE tunnels / traffic-gen) to Tilera architecture.

Mar'14: Fusion-IO IO-Drive II VSL Linux Device Driver port to Mips64 for OCTEON-II platforms
Paxym Inc. is porting Fusion-IO IO-Drive II VSL/IO-Mem device driver to Linux for Mips64.

Feb'14: PEX96 96 Lane Gen-III Switch interfacing to OCTEON-II PCIe Controller
Paxym Inc. helped interface PEX96 PLX-Technologies with OCTEON-II CN6880 through correct enumeration, Config/Mem/MSI accesses, allowing for SAS drives to accessed via Adaptec and LSI SAS HBAs.

Jan'14: Local RamDisk on OCTEON-II
Paxym Inc. implemented RamDisk for OCTEON-II simple-exec environments. This allows for storage server protocol implementations to be deployed using a local fast storage backend, instead of doing storage IOPs across PCIe via Linux Kernel/Userland daemons. Targetted for OCTEON-II CN66xx with 10GigE ports.

Dec'13: iSCSI target for OCTEON-II
Paxym Inc. further enhanced their iSCSI Target SW to completely offload iSCSI protocol, SCSI protocol (cdb parsing, scheduling, management) into Card accelerated code path (Simple-Exec). This allows for complete iSCSI target solution without any reliance on Linux Host daemon. Targetted for OCTEON-II CN66xx with 10GigE ports.

Aug'13: HHVM port to OCTEON CPU family
Paxym Inc.'s team finished their work on HHVM port for OCTEON CPU family. The project entailed a complete port of HHVM build system generation, build system operation, Big Endian machinations, etc. The work can be retargetted easily to any Big-Endian CPU specially MIPS architecture CPUs.

Jul'13: Open VSwitch.
Paxym Inc. completed Open-VSwitch (OVS) port for OCTEON-II -NIC cards.

Apr'13: PCI 3rd Memory region 8GB BAR2
Paxym Inc. assisted HW Design customer to investigate and enable BAR2 (region-2) support on CN66XX OCTEON-II (OCTEON2) processor card. The region was mapped above the regular 4GB memory 32bit memory range, for the full 8GB of the card memory capacity, with the memory resource assigned outside the usual x86 BIOS low memory PCI assignments.

Jan'13: iSCSI target for OCTEON
Paxym Inc. completed iSCSI Target SW for OCTEON CN5740 (CN56xx O+ family). Project work also added feature for iSCSI to NFS gateway function.

Dec'12: TCP/IP stack (simple-exec) for OCTEON
Paxym Inc. released their IP/UDP/TCP stack with support for BSD compatible pseudo-sockets, to allow easy porting of Sockets based userland Applications to OCTEON' Simple-Exec environment.

Oct'12: iSCSI target analysis
Paxym Inc. completed R&D to allow customer to evaluate iSCSI target mode operation and performance on XLP processors.

Jul'12: CentOS 6.2 on XLP-832 processors.
Paxym Inc. completed a port of CentOS 6.2 for Broadcom/NetLogic XLR / XLP processors. Kernel port with a full set of CentOS libraries and userland RPMs.

Apr'12: SNORT
Paxym Inc. SNORT compatible IPS solution was evaluated by TEM customer. The 3Gbps solution utilizing only 11 cores of MIPS-64 processor utilizes innovative techniques to accelerate traffic processing. With higher number of cores on right platform, speeds upto 10Gbps can be extracted. Multiple HW facilities like high performance HFA, L2/L3/L4 Packet Pre-Parsing...

Apr'12: Board bringup & SDK port OCTEON-II
Paxym Inc. provided assistance to HW customer for CN6645 based PCIe slave board with 2x 10Gbps ports...

Feb'12: Littel Endian bringup & SDK port for OCTEON
Paxym Inc. completes a Little-Endian SDK 2.x compatible SDK to its customer for OCTEON MIPS-64 processors. The specific changes allows customer to use their applications with No changes for Big or Little Endian mode CPUs...

Jan'12: Multicore Regular Expressions Engine using OCTEON HFA
Paxym Inc. improves its Regular Expressions Offload Toolkit to utilize OCTEON-II HFA engines for even higher performance throughput. Earlier versions of RegEx toolkit used HW DFA accelerators and support Enhanced POSIX Regular Expressions. The new version supports all those and PCRE, specially suited for SNORT and DPI accelerations...

Dec'12: CentOS port for OCTEON
Paxym Inc. provided consulting for a CentOS 6.0 port for its EMEA customer, specifically for OCTEON-II CN6335 multicore processor...

Oct'11: FreeBSD port for OCTEON
Paxym Inc. completed and provided its Tier-1 TEM customer with SMP FreeBSD port for OCTEON-II CN6335 Multicore CPUs. System provides high performance support for XAUI, HFA, EHCI, SGMII...

June'11: Multi-Gigabit URL Filter
Paxym Inc. completes and provides its URL-Filter solution on Cavium OCTEON CN5860. Flexibe integration with URL rating services and making best use of DFA RegEx offload on 16 cores...

Apr'11: IPSec offload on OCTEON
Paxym Inc. improved its earlier IPSec session/traffic generator to deliver astounding performance and throughput on 10Gbps networks using Kontron 10G AMC42xx cards...

Feb'11: IPSec accelerator port for OCTEON
Paxym Inc. delivered a high performance, high density IPSec sessions and traffic generation module. Smooth scaling to 60K client sessions on CN5750 with multigigabit flows for LTE and UMTS testing.

Oct'10: RTCP port for OCTEON
Paxym Inc. completed a RTP / RTCP offload engine on Multicore MIPS64 blade for EMEA telecom customer scaling to 300K voip sessions for transcoding by separate SRIO connected DSP ATCA blade. Full offload support for parsing, protocol state machine, session maintenance, Jitter buffer, RTP/RTCP handling, Media / Network Statistics, IPv4 with Header compression for...

June'10: IPS on XLR
Paxym Inc. completed a hardware accelerated Intrustion Procetection System port for its customer on NetLogic XLR Multicore MIPS-64 processor...

Sep'09: Quagga
Paxym Inc. provided consulting for a port of Quagga to its customer. The port allowed the customer to fully evaulate various Zebra routing protocols and their scalability on SMP Linux running on Multicore MIPS-64 processors...

Jul'10: Packet Capture & Analysis OCTEON
Paxym Inc. completed a Packet Capture and Summary Generation System for an x86 based appliance with OCTEON PCI-X Slave Offload Card. The Summarized log is further processed by Customer's Analytics system running on Host Linux. Smart Correlating is performed using NTP calibrated HW TimeStamps and SHA-2 (accelerated) packet hash bucket signatures.

May'09: ZFS offload port on OCTEON
Paxym Inc. assisted customer for a ZFS linux port with extensive HW offload utilization for its customer using Multicore MIPS-64 Network Processor. Excellent performance using HW block offloads for Checksum (SHA1, SHA256), RAIDZ1, RAIDZ2, Inflate/Deflate (ZIP) etc, along with a number of Kernel threading code changes to allow synergistic thread switching efficiencies...


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