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Cloud Web Services Consulting for Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure

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Paxym's Developers have been working with Cloud migrations, Cloud development and Management for the last 7 years now. Our early Customers relied on us to perform their work load analysis, Review and Inventory of their Software applications and DataStores, and present them with the complete Migration, ongoing Operations and Disaster-Recovery / Backup plans. We provide our Customers with a Cloud Deployment cost estimate which has regularly been within +- 10% of the final numbers. We've worked with Small and Medium Sized Business entities on the West coast, as well as all over the world remotely.
We use available and home-grown tools for P2V migration, and then onto Cloud deployment. We follow our established process flow to modify Customer's applications to make best use of available Cloud Storage, Databases, Compute, VM/Containers, Operations Management, Inventory tracking, Cost Accounting, Geographic Replication and DR.

Cloud Service Providers    For customers deciding on new Cloud migration plans, we present them equivalent scenarios using all leading Cloud Service Providers including Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure.

Compute    the best Framework in our Tools list for Front-End is Angular. Paxym provides full Angular consulting for Front-end components, coupled with sophisticated back-ends utilizing Node.js or similar technology.
Along with latest Angular releases, we continue to support and maintain Angular 2, 4, 5, 6 etc. (as well as AngularJS). All our implementations strictly utilize TypeScript with a goal of zero Warnings. We help architect the Web Application, Define components (& Tree), Routes, UI, Modules, Dependencies, Loading methods, AOT, Directives, Validation, DI, Unit Tests (Jasmine, Karma), Error handing (interceptors, Global errors), Template forms and Reactive forms, NGRX for state management, Deployment and Maintenance plans.

Containers    Besides VM deployments in Cloud, we also work closely with our Customers to help them scale their workloads by packaging the required Applications and libraries into Containers, which can then be deployed on a variety of OS and version options. The Size reduction, Load time, Complexity, Scaling and Cost improvements are highly appreciated by Customers. Our default recommendation for our Customers is to migrate to Managed Kubernetes, because of their excellent universal support. In other situations we advise use of Dockers or simple Containers instances.
We support almost all leading Cloud Service Providers with their Container service options including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Engine, Google GCP Kubernetes Engine, Microsoft Azure Container Instances and Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service

Databases    Of all the IT Services, Databases are the core identity of a Company. Almost all equipment and systems can be replaced, except for the Data owned by the Company. Besides persistent data, there's a ton of dynamic data as well. We help our Customers migrate their existing Databases to equivalent Database instances on the Cloud VM (or Containers). This requires None or Minimal changes to their IT applications and processes. Additionally we also advise our Customers how to further optimize and migrate onto Cloud Databases (DBaaS), both SQL and noSQL, including choices of Amazon's (RDS) Relational Databases, Microsoft's SQL, Google's Cloud SQL and Google's Firestore. All of these are highly optimized and responsive to Cloud workloads, with much reduced Cost, Setup, Licensing, Monitoring and Backup overheads. The Cloud DBaaS provider generally provides this service with excellent Backups, Replication and Disaster recovery features. We provide the implementation services for the needed software migration for compatibility with Cloud Databases.

Serverless Computing    One of best ways to interlink disparate subsystems, events, data and code flow is to guide our Customers towards using Serverless computing. Instead of deploying, installing and loading software on their server VMs or retaining fixed Cloud assets, we advise them on how to break up the service flow into separate computing events and chain these together. Whether it be Amazon Lambda, Google Functions, or Microsoft's Azure Serverless, we do these all. We will investigate and model the flow of computing event and link it with persistent databases, such that Customer ends up only using the CPU cycles for the duration of the event only, and has distributed verifiable component architecture for enhanced reliability and scalability.

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Paxym, Inc. is a Software Development and Testing Services Company. Providing Consulting Services to its Customers in the areas of Cloud Software, Web Front and Back-End Applications, Network and Security Stacks, Linux, xBSD Kernel development and Performance Tuning. Along with Solutions to a variety of computing problems using combination of SW and Hardware, by its Consultants.