Paxym Software Services for Multicore CPU CPUs

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Paxym Software Services for Multicore CPU CPUs

Paxym Inc. team has significant experience working on Uni-core and Multicore CPUs from these CPU families: MIPS, FreeScale, x86 and ARM.

Paxym Inc. has done extensive work for their customers using Multicore CPUs from Cavium, Broadcom (NetLogic), FreeScale, Broadcom, Tilera etc.

Paxym Inc. is a Software ECO-system partner with

Cavium Networks Inc..

Broadcom Inc. (NetLogic MicroSystems).

Multicore SW Services have been Provided for

OCTEON : CN30xx, CN31xx, CN38XX, CN50xx,CN51xx, CN52xx, CN54xx, CN56/CN57xx, CN58xx
OCTEON-II : CN63xx, CN68xx
OCTEON-III : CN71xx, CN71xx
Broadcom Inc. (NetLogic) XLR, XLP : XLP832, XLR732, XLS32

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