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The Paxym Regex / PCRE Accelerator library allows Host Applications to scan network and storage content at extremely high speeds while minimizing the Host CPU load.

The Regex / PCRE Accelerator consists of OCTEON III®™ PCIe slave card, along with a set of software modules that provide convenient offloading of Regular Expressions and PCRE. Software-only solution is available for OEM customers.

The details and complications in setting up, booting, loading, readying the OCTEON®™ PCIe slave card is fully transparent to the User's Application. Paxym's developed device drivers are exposed through convenient library functions to allow for accelerator usage from Host Applications with the least changes.

Acceleration Candidate Applications:

The Regex / PCRE Accelerator is very well suited for Host Network and Security Applications including:

  • IPS (Intrusion Protection Systems) (SNORT, Suricata, etc)

  • DPI, Application Flow Recognition (nDPI)

  • Anti-Virus (ClamAV)

  • Network Content Filtering (URL-Filter, Web-Filter)

  • Storage Data Scan (Disk / File Signature Scanning)

Client API:

  • Multithreaded Architecture,
  • Synchronous or Asynchronous Requests,
  • Polled or Delivered results based on Request-key:(Core,pid,thread,Key),
  • Inspect Multi-frag packets, Traverses across packet boundaries,
  • None, Single or Multi-Matched Resuls,
  • Basic Regex, Extended Regex, PCRE patterns,
  • Graph regeneration on single incremental change or new Pattern DB,
  • C, Java, Python, linkage APIs from Host Applications,
  • Host side and Card side debug / monitor tools,
  • Host Systems with Linux Kernel v2.6.x, v3.1.x etc.,
  • Distros: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Scientific

Accelerator Hardware:

The Regex/ PCRE Accelerator solution is available packaged with OCTEON®™based PCIe cards. These offload cards are based on OCTEON-II (CN63xx, CN66xx, CN68xx) and OCTEON-III (CN70xx, CN71xx, CN78xx) series CPUs for various performance targets.

The Accelerator makes efficient use of the HFA™ offload unit in the OCTEON Multicore CPUs.

Accelerator Software:

The Regex / PCRE Accelerator solution software toolkit includes:

  • OCTEON Linux Kernel,
  • Linux libraries,
  • Root-FileSystem,
  • Simple-Exec HFA™ Manager,
  • Host Device Driver,
  • OCTEON™ HFA™ libraries,
  • Sample Regex expressions, PCRE expressions,
  • Sample Host Application,
  • Detailed README, API definitions, Build Instructions, etc.

Support & Maintenance

Paxym provides close support for successful integration of the Accelerator Toolkit into Customer's Application Software. Additional ongoing Support & Maintenance options are available.

Paxym Inc.

Tel: (469) 638-2502
Web: Paxym Inc.

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