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Paxym has years of extensive experience in providing a wide variety of OS ports and improvements for different Hardware Platforms. Paxym specializes in OS ports, BSPs, Board bring-ups, Device Drivers and special Kernel modules. These were developed for Cavium Network's OCTEON MIPS64 Multi-core CPUs, Intel/AMD x86 family, PowerPC family and ARM 9/11/Cortex CPUs.

Paxym's expertise has allowed its Customers to deploy Kernel Releases and Kernel Ports that were previously unavailable on their choice of CPU/Hardware.

Paxym has successfully delivered various OS solutions for its Services Customers, including:

* All Paxym OS Porting work also included a thorough undertaking of Performance Measurement and improvement work to deliver exceptional value for the Customer.
* Each OS Port was coupled with extensive Kernel, SMP and Application level tests. Standardized white-box and black box API tests are utilized to verify the Kernel.

Some of the key OS ports completed and delivered included:

Linux - Debian,
Linux - CentOS,

Paxym also provides further tailoring and customization based on Customer needs.

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