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Paxym has significant Network Content Processing expertise for Multicore CPUs. Our team has worked on various algorithms and techniques for content scanning, classification, string-matching, regular expression processing etc. We have substantial experience utilizing CAM based string matches, DFA graph based pattern matching as well as HFA. We make use of DFA based HW acceleration for content scanning as well as utilize Software techniques for the same when DFA is not available.

These HW and SW practices were used to implement, modify, enhance Customer Business Projects like IPS, AntiVirus, URL Filtering, DPI, P2P Filtering etc.

The Content Processing work was packaged into convenient libraries that offloaded the heavy processing to on-chip DTE (DFA Thread Engines) or onto available Data-Plane cores.

Paxym uses profiling tools, and a number of Code and CPU techniques to wrest out the best performance that the Multicore CPUs can deliver.

Multicore CPUs:


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