Paxym Software Services for Multicore CPU CPUs

Paxym offers Maintenance & Support services for all Service contracts. M & S is offered under two Tiers (Tier-1 and Tier-2) in quarterly units.
Tier-1 provides combination of on-site, on-campus, telephone and online support to customers in US, Europe and South East Asia.
Tier-2 provides combination of online and telephone support to customers worldwide.

Support Portal for Contracted Customers


Complimentary Expertise Assistance.

A number of interesting challenges lie ahead for companies / organizations embarking on system design including a Multicore Network Procesor. Paxym's technical leads are able to provide technical assistance to non-customers for many of their technical questions. The leads are also able to suggest optimal design, SW architecture for highest throughput specially in early design stages.

Paxym's Technical Leads can be contacted via email and phone.

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