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Paxym Software Services for Multicore CPU CPUs
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Paxym Inc. Services division has been successful in supporting its broad range of Customers with Linux-Debian-Distributions in various configurations for supported Multicore Processors. As part of SW consultancy services, we prepare specific Kernel version of Customer's choice, with desired combination of libraries. We have experience bundling Linux Kernel with key tools, Customer applicationn, packages from Debian distribution with select libraries to deliver a card or appliance based working solution.

Real-Time Kernel patches for Mission Critical Scenarios, ZOL (zero-overhead Linux) for High Performance User Apps, are also some of the OS options that we worked out for our past customers.


SMP Support for Multicore CPUs.
64/32 bit Kernel options.
Real-Time modifications.
Zero Overhead Linux.
Boot from Flash, CF, NFS, Embedded MFS.
Various RFS file-system Packing options.
FileSize and Memory Footprint reduction.
binutils, native tool-chain.
Customer Application Packages pre-Ported or built on Host.

Customization / Additional Integration:

Maintenance and Support services available along with initial Porting tasks.

Custom Kernel changes, Kernel Modules, Linux Application software development services.

Bare-Metal (simple Exec, MCEE) Data-Plane application developoment and integration for Hybrid solutions.


Mainly the GNU General Public License and various others Open Source lincenses.


Debian is registered trademark of Software in the Public Interest, Inc.and managed by the Debian project.

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