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Paxym founders and development team has decades of experience working for Tier-1 Network Equipment Vendors like Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks Inc. With extensive experience in Data communications space, we have been serving our customers network software development needs.

Our Customers utilized our services for:

Development of Protocol handler software,
Protocol offload via Control/Data-Plane Acceleration on Multicore CPUs,
Performance Tuning of existing network stacks,

All these resulted in multi-gigabit speed solutions for our customers in voice, wired-data and wireless domains. We have developed and worked on implementations of Standards-based Protocols as well as Customer Proprietary Protocols.

A category of our customers is the Test Equipment and Traffic Generator Vendors. We have provided them

High throughput traffic generators, (IPv4, IPv6, IPSec, RTP),
High density sessions / tunnels /flows source and termination (IPSec, Voice, GIF, RTCP etc.)
Malware, Exploit generation (IDS/IPS exploit pcaps, Virus Signature players)

3rd Party Stacks

We have detailed understanding and deep expertise working with Protocol Stack implementations from 3rd party Stacks Companies and Stacks provided by SemiConductor companies themselves. We have been consulted for performance improvement, Custom Configuration and Maintenance Support for these Stacks from external vendors.

Key Protocols

Some of the protocols that we have worked in the past, with a focus on Multicore implementations:

TCP Offload, RTCP offload, UDT offload
IPSec, IKE v1/v2, IPv6, SSL, IPSec VPN, SSL-VPN, SRTP,
SIP, 3G Protocols etc.,
NAT, ACL, IDS/IPS, ClamAV, DPI, URL-Filter, Web-Content Filter

Multicore CPUs:


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