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Paxym supports PureVu : Video SoC platforms developed by Cavium Inc. The CNW5xxx and CNW6xxx provide an excellent solution for solution providers looking to implement a Video encoding/decoding system with the least latency and low power features. Our team has worked with customers with Moca, Willow and Maui boards for board bringup, kernel, drivers and video application porting.

The PureVu Platform software involves various technologies such as HDCP, RTSP, RTP, RTCP, uPnP, LVDS YUV, Wifi, Wireless-N, Web configuration management, H.264, Motion JPEG, FFmpeg, Audio synch, NTP, Encoder parameter tuning etc.

Paxym uses profiling tools, and a number of Code and CPU techniques to wrest out the best performance that the PureVu SoC platform can deliver.

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