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Paxym specializes in High Performance Multicore Software for a range of Multicore CPUs. Our long experience in CPU architectures like x86, FreeScale and OCTEON has allowed us to provide our customers with substantial assistnace in Network, Security, Storage and Wireless spaces using these CPUs.

Some of the work we did for our customers:

    Platform SW using Linux Kernel, libraries, Device Drivers and User Space apps..
    Board SW bringup from Bootloader to Kernel, Drivers and fully functioning Systems.
    Porting SMP FreeBSD to OCTEON CPUs.
    U-Boot Customization and Mods.
    SMP enhancing Device Drivers. (Multi-threading for Multicore CPUs)
    Performance Tuning of Network, Security and Storage Applications.
    Porting Open Source packages like SNORT, CLAM-XL etc.
    Re-architecting Customer's software for control-data plane split.
    Implementing new Network Protocols.
    Content Processing for URL / P2P / Malware / Virus / Web-content filtering.
    Porting Quagga / Zebra to Multicore CPUs and new Hardware Platforms, accelerated with Paxym FastPacket Stack.

Paxym's team has been working on Multicore CPUs since early 2000, and has decades of experience working at Tier-1 Network Equipment Vendors.

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