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Paxym has worked on a number of Multicore CPU systems in ATCA blades as AMC form factors. These have included OCTEON and XLR Multicore CPUs for our customers.

The solutions were developed based on a thorough architecture, high quality implementation and rigorous testing and superior performance. Our customers used these ATCA/AMC systems for Network Content Scanning, VPN Terminators, Security Protocols, and Test Traffic Generation.

ATCA/AMC Cards we have worked with:

Paxym developed a set of specialized tools and libraries to support its ongoing software projects for Multicore CPUs on ATCA blades. These included, performance measurement tools, memory utilization measurement tools, data-plane core loader, data-plane cpu core utilization etc.
This in-house collection of sophisticated tools, allows our team to deliver on-time, better quality and higher performance software implementations of Customer's assignments.

Paxym also provides Performance Analysis and Enhancement Services, using its team of Systems experts. Our experts build upon their in-depth understanding of OCTEON cpus, as well as thorough hands-on experience in common usage areas (Networks, Security, Storage, Servers) to deliver excellent results.

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