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Paxym's Software team has delivered Complete Appliance Software to Customers requiring one-stop Software development services. We provide the ready SW image for the Target Appliance based on any of x86, ARM or OCTEON CPUs.

Appliance Software Package
    Board bring-up.
    Kernel. (Linux/FreeBSD)
    Diagnostics, syslog.
    Network Protocols.
    Appliance Management Software. (http, SNMP, UI)
    Drivers. (Ethernet, Wifi, WiMax, USB, SATA)
    Customer Proprietary features.
    Software Upgrade Service. (http, Remote Upgrade)
    Performance Tuning.
    Other Open Source Packages.
Our expertise in Embedded Software has allowed us to work with Customers starting from their requirements to proposing detailed architecture, refining the proposal, agreeing on deliverables based on Customer's time and cost constraints leading to the actual implementation, delivery and verification of the deliverables.

Our Complete Appliance Software solutions are developed with a sharp focus on performance, reliability, serviceability and remote management.

Target Markets include:
Wireless Access Points, SOHO Firewall Routers, NFS/SAMBA/CIFS Servers, Internet Web Crawler, Web/Email/Spam/IM Security, Anti-Virus, IDS/IPS, UTM etc.

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